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Service & Safety Inspection/Minor Service (rec. 6 months or 10,000km)

Our most popular requested item & fantastic value:
For well under $100* we:

- Test drive your vehicle
- Change oil & oil filter
- Inspect brakes, steering, suspension & tyres
- Check all oil, water, air & fluid levels
- Inspect condition of belts, hoses & exhaust
- Give you a typed report of any further work required in order of priority
*Four wheel drives & some luxury vehicles may be extra – just ask!
Tune Up (rec. every year or 20,000km)
Everyone loves easy starting, smooth idle, plenty of power, with best possible economy – good for the environment too!
We replace spark plugs, air filter & fuel filter.
Tune, test drive & be guided by any comments you have.
Any further faults are reported to you with a quote before doing additional repairs – that’s fair!
Automatic Transmission Servicing (rec. every year or 20,000km)
Today’s latest automatics are computer controlled and can be very expensive to replace (most start at $3,000). Annual servicing is relatively cheap to perform and can pick up early problems before they manifest. A must if you are towing.
We expertly diagnose and rectify brakes on a daily basis. Keeping a stock of popular pad types means that we can replace brakes quickly and economically during a service. The majority of vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid every 2 years, regardless of kilometres travelled – we agree and abide!
Suspension & Tyres
Our customers are often shocked by how well their vehicle performs over bumps, hard cornering and stopping when we amend worn suspension and tyres. Time hides the subtle wear. Shockers, springs, steering racks, tyres and wheel alignments are priced competitively.
Road Worthy Certificates
Our experienced Vicroads Licensed Vehicle Testers are the ones to see when you require a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC). We also supply vehicle transfer forms. We’ll help you fill them out too!
Pre-purchase Inspections (includes a RWC report)
Compare us and be amazed. We perform at our workshop, a vehicle Pre-purchase Inspection that includes a Roadworthy report. Our test is more thorough and better priced than any in the marketplace.
Four Wheel Drives & Diesels
Servicing and repairing larger vehicles is no problem for us. We own 4WDs, have experience and formal qualifications to maintain diesel and LPG commercial vehicles.
AJR Merchandise

Soon available!
A selection of AJR products and motoring accessory range. Caps, pens, pads and coolers.

Products we endorse!

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